When we founded Blue Egg Farm, we wrote here that “[t]he last few years have been particularly difficult for many families in our country. Children are hungry everywhere including in our own community.” Although it is fair to say that broad economic indicators have improved since then, the staggering reality is that one in four California children are food insecure (Mercury News 2.11.15). To borrow from a recent report that is worth reading: Strengthening Efforts To Increase Opportunity and End Poverty: Recommendations of the President’s Advisory Council for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships to Address Poverty and Inequality – “[p]overty is not an abstract problem. We see poverty in the faces of children, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.”

We are a small farm and so our contribution is a drop in the bucket in the face of this serious problem. Nevertheless, we do what we can and we hope that you will also. If even one child has more healthy food to eat, our effort is meaningful. Blue Egg has joined many others in making donations to charities to support their efforts to feed children and their parents. We have been happy to donate seedlings to Loma Vista Farm, a wonderful organization that has for many years given thousands of children the opportunity to learn about farm life and now provides its local elementary school with vegetables and fruit for school lunches. We also give vegetables to the Orinda Senior Village, and the Food Bank Contra Costa & Solano with the assistance of another outstanding organization, The Urban Farmers. Please support these worthwhile organizations. You may contribute to the Food Bank through Blue Egg Farm by purchasing our seedlings and vegetables, and asking that they be donated.

A must-see film – A Place At The Table – provides a compelling portrait of the need that exists all around us. It makes clear that hunger has many faces and that the severity of the problem compels us to act. See the movie and check out TakePart’s action campaign.