Our Story

Blue Egg Farm LLC is a family-owned organic farm in Orinda, California. Our decision to farm organically is the foundation for all that we do. We grow healthy, nutritious and delicious produce while protecting our community, land, and environment.

Our property includes a portion of Lauterwasser Creek which is home to many species of birds and animals and approximately 1/4 acre of our property is undeveloped creek bed. We farm on another 1/4 acre that includes a small orchard. We grow organic seedlings as well as fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs. Twenty-nine Cream Legbar and 55 Flowery hens live here too and eat organic and soy-free feed and vegetables, and spend their days outside. We are fortunate to farm in this beautiful community and be part of San Francisco Bay’s vibrant culinary scene. Our FAQs provide more information about our operation.

Blue Egg Farm has been called “an Orinda gem” by the Orinda News. We think that’s because quality and sustainability are central to everything thing we grow and create. Making you happy is our mission. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, we will give you a full refund. We also protect your privacy; we do not provide any information about you to any third party without your permission or unless required by law.

We started and continue our business with the love of our family and the help of our amazing friends, all of whom are small businesses just like Blue Egg, and partners. Thank you for supporting them and us.

Kathleen Schwallie