Local Deliveries & Meetups

Blue Egg Farm LLC delivers vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs, and seedlings year-round to our customers in the East Bay. Deliveries are free with minimum purchases. See the table below for more information. We also arrange meetups for customers in Orinda for which we do not charge or require any minimum order.

We try to update our website regularly. So, we hope that when you order we will have the products you want to buy in stock. Once we receive the order, we will check our inventory and confirm availability.

We accept cash and checks for all orders. Checks should be made out to Blue Egg Farm LLC.

We Ship to Customers in Northern California

Blue Egg Farm ships 4″ starts to customers in Northern California. Customers must purchase groups of four seedlings to ensure that the shipping box will protect the seedlings during transit. This group of four can, consist of any starts we have in inventory. Once we receive your order, we will check availability and contact you to confirm our stock and the shipping date. We ship via UPS ground only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help ensure that customers receive seedlings by Friday of the week of their orders. Virtually, all customers will receive their orders the day after they are shipped. The shipping cost for a group of four starts is $15.00.

We try to ship young plants because they will fit better and be more secure in their seedling carriers of which there are four in each shipping box. If the seedling is too tall, we will prune it so long as we feel doing so will not harm the seedling.

We generally ship throughout the year, but extremes of temperature may affect our ability to do so. If this is the case at the time you place your order, we will so inform you.

If you see any damage to the box, seedling carriers or plants, email us within 24 hours with photos of the damage and we will be in touch with you to discuss how we can remedy the problem.

Delivery Table

Location Items Method Cost Minimum Order
Orinda Starts, Produce, Eggs, Flowers and Gifts Meetup Free None
Lamorinda Starts, Produce, Eggs, Flowers and Gifts Delivery Free $50.00 before tax
Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek Starts, Produce, Eggs, Flowers and Gifts Delivery Free $100.00 before tax
Northern California Starts UPS Shipping $15.00 4 Starts
Pickup at North Berkeley Farmers’ Market (Thursdays) Starts, Produce, Eggs, Flowers and Gifts Pickup Free None
Elsewhere Sorry, no shipping options are available