Does Blue Egg Farm LLC hire farm hands?

Yes. Once or twice each year we interview potential farm hands to join our team. Farm hands care for the hens who lay the blue eggs; sow seeds and transplant vegetable and flower seedlings for sale and planting; hand mix and apply the organic inputs for the soil; and harvest vegetables and fruit. Our farm hands take pride in their work. They collaborate well with a group, and are happy working independently as well. They are physically fit and are capable of doing the strenuous work necessary on the farm. Farm hands must also be legally allowed to work in the United States. If you are interested in hard work in a beautiful environment and want to be part of a growing farm, please contact us and tell us why you would be a wonderful addition to our team.

How does Blue Egg grow vegetables and seedlings?

We sow seeds and plant our vegetables, herbs and flowers with organic compost and potting soil, and package our products in compostable, reused, and recyclable materials and containers. As our plants grow, they are nourished with sea minerals, and kelp. We believe that it is this combination or organic inputs that makes our vegetables and fruits so delicious and nutritious. We conserve our natural and other resources by using recycled materials, and employing solar power and drip irrigation systems.

How do I pay for my order?

Blue Egg Farm LLC accepts credit cards online and cash and checks upon delivery. We also accept checks for online orders. We will deposit the check upon receipt and once it is accepted by our bank, we will ship out the order.

How do you make the eggs blue?

Thankfully, we don’t have to. Two of the breeds of hens on our farm – Ameraucanas and Cream Legbars – do it naturally.

How long have available seedlings been growing in their pots?

They have been growing for various amounts of time depending on their unique growth patterns, and when they were sowed and transplanted. We tend to ship recent transplants because they are smaller plants that fit well in our seedling holders. The seedlings that we offer for sale are all healthy for planting, but if you are not comfortable planting these smaller starts, feel free to continue to let them grow in their pots.  Our planting mix is nutritious and will support the seedlings for many weeks.

What is the Ark of Taste?

Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity created the Ark of Taste. It is an online resource that “identifies and catalogues quality food products at risk of extinction. Today … more than 2,000 [foods] from over 120 countries” are included in the Ark. These are nominated by people throughout the world “who see the flavors of their childhood disappear[ing], taking with them a piece of the culture and history of which [the people who treasure them] are a part. They “submit testimonies of traditional knowledge and descriptions of products and local breeds” that are then reviewed by Slow Food to determine if they merit this recognition.

What are bunched radishes?

These are radishes with their leaves so you can enjoy these too.

What if I am not happy with my produce?

Making you happy is our mission. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, we will give you a full refund.

When does Blue Egg deliver orders?

We deliver on Fridays in the afternoon and evening. Before we can deliver, we need to learn from you where it would be best to leave your order. We recommend that customers leave a cooler outside their door to secure the produce and/or seedlings from critters who want to nibble on them, and protect items from the heat. Our delivery staff will not leave any orders on properties with loose dogs.

Where is Orinda located?

Orinda is a small town of 17,600 residents in the San Francisco Bay area a.k.a. paradise.

Why are Artichokes grouped with Bulbing Fennel?

We are just trying to keep our customers on their toes. These unique vegetables just don’t fit well in any of our other categories so why not put them together!

Why do you request a telephone number and email address?

We only use this information to keep you updated about your order. We protect your privacy and never share it with anyone unless you authorize us, or we are required by law, to do so.

Why is there a credit card fee on my invoice?

This is the cost Blue Egg pays to Squareup for each credit card transaction made by a customer directly with our farmer and not through our website.