Our Friends

Abundant Life Garden & Landscape Solutions

Kevin Repp and his team helped us design and develop our farm beds and orchard, and he was a great source of advice for us in our early years. He has been a good friend to our farm.

Endolyne Technology Services LLC

Brian Bosch ensures our website is working smoothly and operating securely. His successful collaboration with our team has helped us upgrade our site so that our customers can quickly learn about our products and make their purchases more efficiently. If you are looking for a website manager who responds quickly and explains it all to you without the attitude, he is your guy.

Hosting Photography

After dealing with many sub-par website hosts, gushing over one would have seemed absurd until now, but Hosting Photography supports our website like no other host in the business. Ownership changed hands in 2017, but we remain happy with our choice.

Kyss Design

Maria Gistrand of Kyss Design has designed Blue Egg Farm’s logo, business cards (the ones that make people smile), product packaging, merchandise, and website. Maria has helped us tell our story and convey how we want to make our customers happy. She is enormously talented and we are lucky to have her on our team. To realize our vision of our farm so completely with Maria’s help, has been exciting and gratifying.

Miguel Farias

Miguel Farias captured how happy Farmer Kathleen is doing the work she loves when she was not dirty from head to toe, and that was quite a feat!

Next Level Digital

Ian Aiken has provided superlative customer service and technical support for our website since we founded Blue Egg first by hosting the site and now advising us on major development and technical issues. Ian has helped us work through some challenging issues with a sense of humor. And, Steve Carr is always quick to give us excellent design support with our images.


Tom Koch has consulted with us on all things Mac long before the farm was conceived. He has worked us through so many technical issues related to our Macs, and iPhones that they are too numerous to recount. Tom is tenacious and patient, and gets the job done. We enjoy his visits and feel fortunate to have had his support for all these years.

Skip Roache

Skip Roache is our amazing finish carpenter and all-around handyman. He has done it all for us from constructing our greenhouse and chicken coops to repairing everything imaginable. He can find a solution to any problem. He is not only skilled at his work, he is good at helping us think through projects, which ensures their success. His work has helped make our house a home and our business more successful.