Our Story

Welcome to Blue Egg Farm. I’m Kathleen Schwallie, and I founded our organic farm in Orinda, California in 2013. Our team grew and produced products that enriched our customers’ lives for more than five years. Although we no longer sell to the public, we continue this extremely gratifying work and share our produce and flowers with our community. We farm at home on one-quarter acre of a 1.2 acre property that includes a small orchard, and which is rimmed by heritage oak trees. Twenty-two Cream Legbar hens live here too and they lay the organic and soy-free blue eggs that are our farm’s namesake. Our property includes a portion of Lauterwasser Creek which is home to many species of birds and animals and approximately one-quarter acre of our property is undeveloped creek bed. We cherish this land and feel fortunate to live and farm in this beautiful community and be part of San Francisco Bay’s vibrant culinary scene.

Our decision to farm organically is the foundation for all that we do. We grow healthy produce, flowers, and starts while protecting our community and environment. We are a no-till farm and our plants grow in incredibly rich soil composed of layers upon layers of compost, decomposed plants, and microbial life developed over the years we have owned our property. It is no doubt the reason why we are known for producing such flavorful fruits and vegetables. Our diverse plants and flowers attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators as well as beneficial insects that support our healthy and vibrant farm ecosystem. We know though that so much of the enjoyment of food derives from what we see with our eyes and we share only the highest quality and most beautiful produce and flowers. Our farm has been called “an Orinda gem” by the Orinda News; we think that’s because quality and sustainability are central to everything we grow and create.

Kathleen Schwallie