Produce (Page 13)

  • Organic Rosemary

    We have had an enormous Arp Rosemary bush on the farm since the beginning that never seems to quit growing long beautiful stems. We have also planted Gorizia Rosemary throughout the property. We use rosemary in innumerable dishes and bouquets. It is also enjoyable to have in a vase in the house with its pleasant fragrance.

  • Organic Salad Herbal Bouquet™

    The Organic Salad Herbal Bouquet™ was created by our farm. Make your salad sing with three of these organic herbs: Basils, Chives, Dill, French Sorrel, Lemon Balm, Lemon Thyme, Lovage, Nasturtium flowers and leaves and other edible flowers, Savories, and Salad Burnet, of course. The small bouquet weights at least three ounces and the large bouquet weighs at least six ounces.

  • Organic San Marzano Tomatoes

    We agree with many others that San Marzano tomatoes are the best paste tomato for making rich sauces. Organic spaghetti sauce with organic, lean ground beef is a staple in our home year-round: it is so healthy and yummy. And, slow roasted San Marzanos are delicious.

  • Organic Santa Rosa Plums

    This is one of the reasons we appreciate summer. When we get a sugar craving, we can grab a bright, beautiful plum and enjoy it guilt-free. The only problem with our incredibly sweet Santa Rosas is that they are very messy. So, don’t forget the napkins.

  • Organic Savory Cherries™

    Have us put together a mix of our organic cherry tomatoes for your family. Shown here is a large basket of mixed organic Black Cherry, Caroline’s Sungold & Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes.

  • Organic Savory Herbal Bouquet™

    The Organic Savory Herbal Bouquet™ was created by our farm. The Bouquet includes a delicious combination of three of the following herbs: organic basils, oreganos, rosemary, sage, savories, and chives. The small bouquet weights at least three ounces and the large bouquet weighs at least six ounces.

  • Organic Scarlet Frills Mustard Microgreens

    Our Scarlet Frills Mustard Microgreens are alive in a tray of nourishing organic soil and waiting for you to snip them to eat and use as garnish.

    We snack on microgreens every day and think they are the healthiest fast food on the planet.™

  • Organic Siam Queen Thai Basil

    Thai Basil is a delicious addition to fried rice and we are looking forward to making Classic Thai Basil Chicken Stir-Fry (Gai Pad Grapow) by Darlene Schmidt soon.