• Organic African Blue Basil Seedling

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    Aromatic and beautiful in the garden, African Blue Basil also adds a more restrained basil flavoring to many dishes. Pinch off flower buds to promote leaf growth. We like using the flowers in our bouquets. If you do too, then forget the pinching!

  • Organic Albion Strawberry Seedling

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    Transplant the seedling so that the base of the crown rests on top of the soil and spread out the roots. Plant 18″ apart. Find the sunniest spot in the garden for these strawberries to ensure the greatest production.

  • Organic American Flag Leek Seedling

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    Plant each leek separately 6″ apart, in rows 12″ apart. Transplant in beds that retain moisture with 6 – 8 hours of sun. Adding a generous amount of good-quality organic compost will help you grow these leeks more successfully and make them more delicious. Dig holes so that a maximum of 2″ of leaves extend above the surface. Do not firm the soil; allow irrigation and rain to fill in the hole. Then, water regularly to ensure the the soil remains moist until harvest because leeks have shallow root systems. If you decide not to dig deep holes, mound up soil around the leeks to achieve long blanched stems – the tastiest part of the leek.

  • Organic Anise Hyssop Seedling

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    Anise Hyssop is a honey bee fave as well as one of ours.

  • Organic Aromatto Basil Seedling

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    We conducted a trial of organic Aromatto Basil last year and used it in our bouquets. Our customers agreed with us that it is not only beautiful, but has a good vase life of seven days. Everyone enjoys the fragrance, but describes it differently. Our seed producer likens it to Cinnamon Basil and that is an apt description. We have not cooked with it, but one of our customers did and described it as sweeter than Genovese Basil.

  • Organic Arugula Seedlings

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    Each pot includes one to three seedlings depending on the size of each.

    Peppery Arugula is a great addition to salads.


  • Organic Atomic Red Carrot Seedlings

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    Each 4″ pot holds two – four seedlings.