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  • Organic Buttercrunch Lettuce Seedlings

    Each pot includes one to three seedlings depending on the size of each.

    Buttercrunch Lettuce with its creamy yellow interior and velvety smooth taste is delightful to eat alone or combined with other greens in salads. All-America Selections Winner.

  • Organic California Blackeye Cowpea Seedlings

    We now offer blackeye pea seedlings. These peas are practically a basic food group in the South where Farmer Kathleen grew up.

  • Organic California Poppy Seedling

    Although our state flower, the California Poppy, with its silky orange flowers and wispy grey-green foliage represented gold to early settlers, it has always reminded us of the vibrancy of our people and the many cultures they represent.

    Find a place where nothing else will grow, give the seedling about 8“ of room and after initially watering it a few times, it should do just fine. It will become a bright spot in your garden for years to come because it re-seeds every year.

  • Organic California Sunflower Seedling

    This sunflower grows 6-10′ tall and produces dozens of mainly 4” bright yellow flowers with occasional surprises like bronze or pale lemon flowers, or big dinner-plate blooms.

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  • Organic Canary Bird Nasturtium Seedling

    The Canary Bird Nasturtium has bright yellow flowers on a fast growing vine, and the flowers are edible.

  • Organic Candystick Dessert Delicata Squash Seedling

    The mouth-watering name of the Delicata squash is given for its thick flesh, rich flavor, and edible skin.

  • Organic Caroline’s Sungold Tomato Seedling

    The Sungold is named for a very special girl in our lives because it is hands down our favorite cherry tomato. Our Sungolds are juicy, sweet and tangy all in one bite, and we have to beg the kids to stop popping them in their mouths and bring some into the kitchen for the rest of the family. These bright orange cherry tomatoes grow on long trusses and they will keep growing tall if you support them with a cage or stakes when you plant it. Be patient and pick these tomatoes when they are fully orange colored. That is when they are at their very sweetest.

  • Organic Cherokee Chocolate Tomato Seedling

    This beautiful bruiser is full of the smoky rich taste we crave in dark tomatoes.

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  • Organic Ching Chang Bok Choy Seedlings

    Each pot includes one to three seedlings depending on the size of each.

    Bok Choy has a mild taste of mustard. The leaves grow from a beautiful basal rosette. So, harvest the outer leaves several times as new leaves grow from the center. Ching Chang is a smaller Bok Choy so your other option is to harvest a small head when it grow to 5″ in height.

    Ching Chang is an ideal plant for a container. Just make sure it has four hours of sun.

  • Organic Chive Seedling

    Give Chive seedlings four – six inches of space, and six inches between rows. Grow them in bunches in beds with four hours of sun. The mildest of all the onions grow as mounding perennial plants with purple edible blossoms.