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Organic Carrot Microgreens

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$6.99/ 4 3/4 in. square tray


Our organic carrot microgreens are nestled in a tray of nourishing organic soil and waiting for you to snip them to eat and use as garnish. Microgreens punch more than their weight. It is always a wonderful surprise just how flavorful their tiny leaves taste. “As Gene Lester, Ph.D., who led the USDA’s first major study of phytochemical content in microgreens explains ‘[f]lavor most often comes from the amount of vitamins present in food. In microgreens, all the vitamins that a plant will use to grow are packed into a very small cotyledon (seed leaves) [and] this magnifies the [flavor] ….’ ” Source: Winter 2017 Garden Design

We snack on microgreens every day and think they are the healthiest fast food on the planet.™


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