Blue Egg Farm LLC is a small organic farm in beautiful Orinda, California. We want to share our passion for growing delicious vegetables for our family, with yours. We are pleased to provide chefs in home kitchens, as well as commercial, with the freshest, most delectable produce in the Bay area. One customer recently was doing a great deal of entertaining with many of our vegetables and herbs. She shared with us that she “had such a great time cooking everything” and we “made a lot of people happy.”
Blue Egg Farm grows and delivers organic vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit, and beautiful blue eggs to our neighbors in Orinda year-round, and we arrange meetups for groups of our customers throughout Lamorinda.
We also grow many varieties of organic vegetable, herb, edible flower, flower, and fruit seedlings, and our quality can’t be beat. Whole Foods Market in Lafayette is now carrying our seedlings. So, the next time you go grocery shopping take a peek at our stand in front of the store in the outdoor floral section.
Welcome to members of the UC Botanical Garden. The Garden is a local treasure and we are proud to be members too. We are pleased to partner with UCBG and offer you a member discount when you order seedlings for shipment.
Enjoy exploring our website. If you are interested in what Blue Egg has been up to lately, take a look at our Journal. If you don’t have time to browse our website, you can quickly check our current availability lists for produce and starts.